Selling Your Coquina Sands Naples Real Estate? Some Good Advice To Keep In Mind

Going through the process of selling your Coquina Sands Naples real estate is not going to be a breeze. This is a fact you need to realize from the start. Instead, it involves making the right choices if you want to move the property quickly.

But it’s a good thing you found this article. Because in a moment, you are going to learn about some of the tricks real estate agents use to get their properties sold. And if you feel capable enough of selling your real estate in the Coquina Sands Naples area, don’t stop reading now.

Look At The Necessary Repairs

Before you put your real estate on the market, you have to make sure it is presentable. And this doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars to get the place looking amazing. Instead, focus on the little details that ultimately make it a comfortable place to live in.

So, start from the front and work your way through the premises. Are all the electrical outlets in working condition? Are the light switches functioning? Can you see mold building up along the ceiling and is the plumbing system in a healthy condition?

At the same time, it won’t hurt to patch up areas that look run down. For example, can one of the rooms do an excellent paint job? Or maybe a window or two need to be replaced?

The better you can make the presentation of the house, the better the chance of selling it quickly and with little frustration.

Think About Staging An Open House

Giving potential buyers a tour of your Coquina Sands Naples real estate is a good idea, but you have to pull it off right. Otherwise, buyers won’t be impressed, and you’ll never hear from them again.

Yes, there is a science to staging an open house, and it involves several steps. The first step is to declutter the space. Get rid of EVERYTHING that is unnecessary. This includes photos of the families, certificates, trophies, and anything else that represents you living there.

Essentially, you are depersonalizing the area and giving the buyer an opportunity to experience what it could be like if they lived there, and nobody else. And while you declutter, you only keep specific furniture, which you use strategically to showcase the space.

Lastly, don’t leave a room empty. Regardless of whether you haven’t been using it in years, get some furniture and give it an atmosphere to help sell the property.

Price Accurately

Just like you, buyers don’t want to waste time. This means when you come up with a ridiculous price that has “sentimental value” written all over it, buyers won’t even bother making a bid, much less show up for a perfectly staged house.

Get the right price from the start and show buyers you are serious. Given that the first few months of the house being on the market is so crucial don’t scare off buyers with a price you didn’t get professional advice on.

Improve Curb Appeal

The way the real estate looks from the outside is going to influence the attitude buyers are going to step inside. In other words, if you give them the type of curb appeal that looks appealing and welcoming, they’ll quickly forgive small problems they might come across.

You don’t have to spend thousands to make the yard look attractive. But doing simple maintenance and keeping it clean goes a long way when you are selling a house.

Gather Selling Points

When you do your inspection for the repairs, pay attention to selling points that could help to sell the house. A good example would be high ceilings or a special nook in the kitchen.

Use these selling points in your marketing strategy and bring attention to them during an open house.

Use Several Marketing Channels

As a last tip, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Even if you do decide to use an agent, use several different marketing channels to get your Coquina Sands Naples Real Estate out there and in front of buyers. And do it both online and offline if you want to reach the most buyers.

There will be challenges, but taking it to step by step can help you to stay in control.